Public APIs

GorillaPool maintains a public 1sat-server Basic usage is documented below. See the auto-generated swagger documentation for a complete API reference.

The API is also available on Github.

Other APIs

  • There is also basic support from What's On Chain

  • The BMAP API can be used to resolve inscriptions with support for several other data protocols.

1SAT Server Endpoints

Get Files, Inscriptions


Get inscription file for a given origin.

Sample response

Get Inscriptions

Method: GET

Get inscription data for a given origin.

Get inscriptions for a given txid.

Sample response

      // inscription number
      "id": 165, 
      // transaction id
      "txid": "e17d7856c375640427943395d2341b6ed75f73afc8b22bb3681987278978a584",
      // output index
      "vout": 1,
      // file info
      "file": {
        "hash": "3dbe16ec7625e0d8a02ceaa5b2b03bc412c06186d03fbd69090c162469cf0292",
        "size": 2592,
        "type": "image/png"
      // 1sat output origin
      "origin": "e17d7856c375640427943395d2341b6ed75f73afc8b22bb3681987278978a584_1",
      // ordinal number
      "ordinal": 0,
      // block height
      "height": 783968,
      // block index
      "idx": 756,
      // hash of locking script preceding inscription
      "lock": "5d5c07f532ae28f90263209aeba5417366569c60947b74b363ce55c5d57d253d"

Get Ordinal Utxos

Method: GET

Because ordinals exist in Bitcoin Script, . Get unspent utxos with ordinal locks matching a given address.

Sample response

      "txid": "5af82e9c72688270afc9c70a3f523560600d1aa2c39eab74756d11243f4752ba",
      "vout": 0,
      "satoshis": 1,
      "lock": "b0a542a4a4707f7b5b48f4c7a45e12bee4f9481a5ad3db250dfd3730f5ff4225",
      "origin": "5af82e9c72688270afc9c70a3f523560600d1aa2c39eab74756d11243f4752ba_0",
      "ordinal": 0
      "txid": "7ecb6b642cf7e44cf757562fe88f8c51f0bb844e41c6c844eca2b13af8c49ca0",
      "vout": 0,
      "satoshis": 1,
      "lock": "b0a542a4a4707f7b5b48f4c7a45e12bee4f9481a5ad3db250dfd3730f5ff4225",
      "origin": "7ecb6b642cf7e44cf757562fe88f8c51f0bb844e41c6c844eca2b13af8c49ca0_0",
      "ordinal": 0

You can also get inscriptions for UTXOs in a single request

Get Lock Utxos

Method: GET

Get unspent outputs for a given "lock", which is the scripthash of the locking script up to the point of an inscription.

Returns UTXOs:

    "txid": string,
    "vout": number,
    "satoshis": number,
    "lock": string,
    "spend": string,
    "origin": string,
    "ordinal": number,

Address Events - SSE

SSE endpoints are available for real-time mempool tx notifications. Watch multiple addresses or locking script hashes simultaneously, and get notified when a transaction occurs matching. Add query param address for each address you want to monitor, and lock for each script hash.

You will receive both new Inscription UTXOs AND spends from the same messages. If the spend field is not null, that means you have received a spend, and you should remove the UTXO identified by txid:vout from your UTXO set.

If the spend field is null, then this is a new Inscription in your wallet.

Listening for ordinal address activity:

const API_HOST = ""
const s = new EventSource(`${API_HOST}subscribe?address=${ordAddress}`);

s.onmessage = (e) => {
    console.log({ message: e })
// s.onopen
// s.onerror

What's On Chain also provides 1Sat Ordinals support by tagging the inscriptions and providing a plugin for rending ordinals by txid and outpout index as follows:


Get a BMAP Transaction object as a formatted JSON string

or non-formatted bmap

raw transaction hex

or BOB format

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